Legacy Modernization- Process of creating an easy-to-use UI and Integrating with API in a Mendix Application

by Low-Kode May 23rd, 2022

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Legacy systems hold organizations back. They lack advanced capabilities, are time-consuming, and are hard to maintain. There are also future possibilities that they will create complications during digital transformation.

But legacy modernization doesn’t have to be a long, hard road. Low-code platforms give everyone a visual option to build custom applications that complement and substitute legacy systems. Low-code is a fast track to getting up and running on new business initiatives, as it allows organizations to get things done faster.

This article looks at how Mendix, a low-code platform, can help you overcome legacy applications. Furthermore, we also show how you can create feature-rich user interfaces (UI) and integrate them with API through Mendix.

How does Mendix enable creation of rich user interfaces?

Mendix offers a simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. You can combine it with the WYSIWYG page editor to create rich user interfaces. Both Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro offer support for the Atlas UI framework. It is an open-source and responsive tool that allows you to take a design-first approach to create appealing user interfaces.

The starter templates contain several page patterns. These include dashboards, data views, searchable lists, wizards, and much more. They ensure a swift development process with all-round consistencies. Users across any device type will experience consistent UIs.

How to leverage Mendix to support open API initiatives?

The Mendix platform is one of the best SaaS solutions and has several use cases that benefit from its extensibility and openness. Let’s look at them in detail.

  • Leverage automation to improve productivity and quality
    Here are several ways you can use the Mendix platform’s openness and extensibility to enhance productivity and quality.

    • Mendix SDK
      It allows you to make bulk changes to different application models at once. For example, you may want to change how icons appear across different app projects. You can also use Mendix SDK to create an app model’s documentation. The system will ensure you have all the latest documentation available at all times.
    • Mendix Application Quality Monitor
      You can use it to test how well your app models function. The tool also allows you to rate them based on parameters identified by ISO standards.
    • OData Connector
      This tool uses SDK to auto-create an app’s parts that you need to build in addition to SAP services. The connector generates different entities for each item you define in the SAP service. You can expect complete accuracy of entities and save time.
    • Build API and Deploy API
      You can use these tools to enable CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) automation. It will ensure you get better productivity with your deployment. The quality will also remain on the higher side.
  • Use new functionalities to extend the platform
    Here are the different ways you can extend the platform through Mendix’s new functionalities.

    • Connector Kit
      You can create connectors and custom integrations with this tool. It enables you to develop reusable microflow activities for various applications and services. You can drag and drop microflow activities into services like Twitter and Slack.
    • Mendix Runtime API
      Java-based connectors can work in any Java library. The tool also enables seamless integration of the Mendix application with scientific libraries. This Mendix API integration also allows connectors to use the app model functionalities like datasets and microflows. You can also use Mendix Runtime API to integrate Mendix apps with identity management systems.
    • SQL API
      The tool allows you to extend the way you store and retrieve data on the Mendix platform. You can use functionalities like indexes for performance enhancements. It is also possible to integrate your apps with NoSQL databases.
    • Stories & Sprints API
      It allows you to integrate with project management tools like Jira.
  • Experience seamless movement between platforms
    Mendix offers you seamless movement of apps through its platform. For example, you can move your existing applications to Mendix. Similarly, it is also possible to move your existing apps out of the Mendix platform.

    You can leverage the Model SDK to create alternatives for existing Mendix apps. It will help you save time when you migrate from your old software platform to Mendix. Model SDK also allows you to access the different app model parts. You can use the related information to create new apps with a different platform and technology.

Modernize your legacy systems with Mendix today

Not updating your legacy systems can hold back your system from realizing its true potential. Mendix is a revolutionary low-code platform that offers you the shortest path to digital innovation. It has several advanced functionalities designed to suit the varied needs of a modern-day business like yours.

Low-Kode is a trusted Mendix partner with a rich background of 400+ successful implementations. Our team of certified low-code developers will simplify your digital transformation goals. You can ultimately expect unmatched business support at each through our Mendix app development services.

Talk to our Mendix experts today to discover new business possibilities.

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