Why Hire Offshore/Offsite Developer From Low-Kode

Low-Kode is a team of expert developers that caters to all your technical requirements at flexible rates for a time period determined by you.

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Why Low-Kode?

Is hiring highly-skilled low-code developers a challenge for you? Not anymore. Low-Kode puts together a great team of
certified, offshore/offsite low-code developers who can proficiently handle your tech requirements for you.

We provide remote talent that is qualified, experienced, communicates well, and fits into your financial criteria.

Based in the USA, UAE, and India, we have over 500 expert low-code developers at the ready, giving you the peace of
mind of an in-house developer at flexible rates.

Low-Kode vs. In-House Developers

Low-Kode Developers In-House Developers
Flexibility Gain access to a world of developers with a variety of clearly defined skills-sets that you can handpick on a project-to-project basis. A fixed number of developers with a fixed set of skill-sets that either need to be fitted into project requirements or trained.
Quality Top 5% of experienced developers with all the stipulated certifications. Our 6-layer screening process ensures that only the best are retained from a global pool of developers. Quality is not guaranteed. It varies depending on the local job market and other considerations. Additional costs may have to be borne by the company if the candidates aren’t already certified.
Cost A flexible rate card depending on the time-period of the project and experience level of the candidates. No hidden charges or discontinuation fees. A multitude of costs to be considered including head hunting, onboarding, training, unforeseen resignations, and more.
Training Low-Kode Developers are pre-vetted and pre-trained with all the relevant certifications for their specific technology, be it Mendix, OutSystems, Power Apps, Snowflake, Power BI or Power Automate. A major chunk of the budget goes into training the candidates hired on a permanent basis, with little to no guarantee of returns on your investments. There are too many permutations and combinations to be considered to get excellent results (that Low-Kode can take care of, thanks to our assessments).
Reliability Your Low-Kode developers will be available 24×7, 365 days. Regardless of holidays, leaves, or vacations, we take care of the work and always deliver, no matter what. Deadlines get pushed due to unplanned leaves, public holidays, and planned vacations. Even if a couple of resources are unavailable, there is a lag in the whole process.

Describe your requirement:

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Explore our bench of developers:

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Interview your top choices:

See for yourself what we mean when we say our developers are amongst the top 5% globally.

Integrate your new developers:

Witness our developers induct into your team like they were always a part of it.

Continue by choice:

You won’t have anything binding you to continue with us. You can do so only because you find value in what we do.

What We Offer

Worldwide Presence

Low-Kode has a culturally diverse panel of developers specializing in all the latest technologies for you to choose from. Our focus is on providing you with global experts who can work offsite or offshore as per your requirements.

Top Expertise

Our bench of developers includes highly acclaimed low-code, BI, data warehousing, and RPA experts who can operate in cross-functional teams as well as established roles. They can extend your existing team or even join in as a team of developers hand-picked by you.

Repeat Clientele

96% of the times companies have worked with Low-Kode developers, they have come back with more projects to involve them in. Our commitment to excellence and flexible rate cards have always translated into positive feedback.

Need expert developers to fulfill your project needs?
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